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Posted by on Oct 9, 2017 in News |

Brisk Winds and Reefed Mains for Race 5 of the Gene Wells Memorial Series

Six intrepid boats again came to the starting line with brisk (22-28 knot) trade winds. The winds were strong enough that a full half of the boats reefed (shortened) their mainsail. This proved to be a good tactic, since the shortened sail made the boat heel less and somewhat easier to control…which netted better overall speed. The gusty wind made for some exciting moments as boat after boat had substantial challenges controlling their spinnakers, especially when turning downwind from port to starboard tack for the final half of the downwind leg of the course. No crew were injured, no boats damaged during the unplanned moments. A key navigational buoy is still missing, so once again the race committee chose to run two laps of the A course.

Bonjolea II jumped out to lead from the start It held the lead for the entire race, finishing 30 seconds ahead of Kato, even after the adjustment for Bonjolea’s PHRF handicap. Fast Company beat out OZone for the third place position by a mere 24 seconds.  While Ozone was faster in PHRF, in the club category, due to a higher club handicap, Speedy took first in the club category, with OZone finishing second. Papa ‘Au finished third.

In the overall series standings, Kato has three firsts and two seconds; they currently lead the series…but they have been beaten. With two more races in the next two weeks, another boat could conceivably win the overall Gene Wells title.

Gene Wells Memorial Race # 5 results:

1.  Bonjolea II
2. Kato
3. Fast Company
1. Speedy
2. Ozone
3. Papa ‘Au

Gene Wells Memorial Race # 6 will take place next Thursday, 12 October, 15 5:00 pm.

William Georgi
Rear Commodore

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