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2017 NYC Calendar Information

This is the first year that NYC has produced a sailing calendar! It will be a fundraiser for our club to further improve the facility for all to enjoy! I put together this calendar from all of my favorite photos throughout this year’s racing season, and I am happy to say that it has turned out to be an awesome display of NYC’s very active race activities for all to see every day next year!

There are two sizes of calendars to choose from:
14 X 11 – $25 each (pictured on flyer)
11 X 8.5 – $15 each
Both calendars have the same photos, and have the 2017 racing schedule printed with a color code for each series. Also listed are the important club events! A great source of NYC information for all! They would make great Holiday gifts as well!

If you would like to order calendars, you can do so at the Da Store at, and can pay by PayPal with a pick up option to eliminate shipping costs; or you can contact me directly and I will be happy to take your order. I do plan to have a few on hand to sell at the ship store at the clubhouse, but if we don’t have enough to fill your order it only takes about 5-6 days for an order to arrive.

Both calendars will be on display at the club for everyone to see. If any other information is needed, please don’t hesitate to contact me at 808-651-0603 or

NYC Secretary Charlotte Ross

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