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Posted by on May 12, 2017 in News |

OZone wins the Louis Abrams Memorial Rum Race Series

OZone wins the Louis Abrams Memorial Rum Race Series

With only two points separating them going into the final race of the Louis Abrams Memorial Rum Race Series the crew of OZone had a watchful eye over Kato, the second place boat. Fast Company was also within striking distance as she was only two points behind Kato. As the 5 minute start sequence ran down the winds were a solid 15 knots out of the east. At the harbor entrance white caps blew in from the ocean under a double rainbow as a squall moved across the horizon. At the start horn it was Kato, OZone, and Weatherly, in the lead – twelve boats in all and the race was on!

DSC_3779 (2) (1280x720)As the squall passed by Nawiliwili the winds died off to just a light breeze leaving the boats bobbing in a confused sea and backwash from the breakwaters. The boats struggled in the light breeze as they made their way out to the Lighthouse buoy. A half hour passed and none of the boats had yet to make the first rounding mark – 2 boats started their engines dropping out of the race and powered back to the dock.

The wind continued to be elusive as the fleet rounded the Lighthouse buoy and headed back to the Kalapaki buoy. With spinnakers barely held aloft and slack mainsails slapping the air as the boats rolled. The crews wondered if they would finish by nightfall. The race course was shorten by the Race Committee.

DSC_3812 (2) (1280x720)Then the wind picked back up! It was Kato with a nice lead over Fast Company, OZone, and Weatherly in that order, as they raced deep into the harbor to the leeward mark. OZone needed to pass Fast Company or else tie with Kato in points for first place in the series. In yacht racing the tie breaker rule (A8.1) would be applied and Kato would win the tie and take first place in the series. Mere seconds separated Fast Company from OZone. With Kato in the lead, the fight was between Fast Company and OZone, as the boats overlapped as they traded tacks to the last weather mark. It was OZone that took the inside track as the two boats rounded the windward mark.

DSC_3929 (2) (1280x720)At the finish line Kato sailed across first with a corrected time of 1:06:49. Second to cross the finish line was OZone with a corrected time of 1:09:29. Only 16 seconds later Fast Company sailed across third with a corrected time of 1:09:45. Final PHRF standings in the series had OZone taking home the first place trophy with 8 points, followed by Kato with 9 points winning the second place trophy. Fast Company took home the third place trophy with 13 points.

DSC_3891 (2) (1280x720)Club Class had Weatherly finishing the race with a corrected time of 1:04:24, followed by Speedy with a corrected time of 1:08:01, and then Papa a’u with a corrected time of 1:08:55. Final Club Class Series standings had Weatherly taking home the first place trophy with 14.5 points followed by Papa a’u taking home the second place trophy with 9 points. Kaos scored third place in the series with 28.5 points but non-NYC members can’t compete for a trophy. Therefore, the third place trophy went to Speedy with 31 points.

Kevin Arndt

Click for photos by Charlotte and Pam as well as Results

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