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Posted by on May 5, 2017 in News |

OZone holds Series Lead as Kato scores first place before the last race!

OZone holds Series Lead as Kato scores first place before the last race!

DSC_3420 (2) (1280x720)OZone was the points leader at the start of the fifth race of the 6-race Louis Abrams Memorial Rum Race Series, and she needed to do well to maintain her lead. Close behind her in points were Kato and Fast Company, keen on wrestling the lead at the first sign of weakness.

DSC_3447 (2) (1280x720)The start had the fleet favoring the starboard end of the line with the boats bow-to-stern three deep in a tight grouping. When the start horn sounded, the lead boats were off like a shot with the boats behind having to deal with the bad air coming off the leaders. The leaders were the Olson 30’s – Kato, OZone and Fast Company in that order.

Three other boats rounded the first buoy opposite to the rest of the fleet and then headed off for a different mark! These boats unfortunately had read the course board before the Race Committee had corrected a problem with a transposed course designation, this being done well before the start. The official course is what is shown at the time of the start sequence. These boats were scored a DNF for not sailing the correct course and received points equal to the number of starters in the race (11pts).

DSC_3602 (2) (1280x720)The three Olson 30’s were well matched in speed and skill and kept their places throughout the 3.63 mile course. Kato finished first with a PHRF corrected time of 0:37:34 giving them a total of 8 points leading up to the final race of the series. OZone finished second with a PHRF corrected time of 0:39:10 giving them a score of 6 keeping them as the series leader. Fast Company finished a close third with a PHRF corrected time of 0:39:34 giving them 10 total points.

Club Class had Coyote finishing first with a Club corrected time of 0:39:10. Papa a’u finished second in Club with a corrected time of 0:40:44, and Weatherly finished third place with a corrected time of 0:41:43.

DSC_3372 (2) (1280x720)Club standings before the series final has Weatherly leading with 13.5 total points, Papa a’u with second place with 16 points, and Kaos with third place with 21.5 points.

Kevin Arndt

Click for more photos by Charlotte and Pam

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