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Posted by on Feb 21, 2017 in News |

Great Start to Glen Hontz Memorial Series

Great Start to Glen Hontz Memorial Series

IMG_2550 (2) (1024x768)The conditions were perfect for the start of the first race of the Nawiliwili Yacht Club’s Glen Hontz Memorial Series. Winds were 7-10 knots out of the northeast with very little wave chop and the sun was out! At 1700 there were nine boats maneuvering for the best start position, but it was Bonjolea II, Fast Company, and Ozone that timed the start perfectly and crossed the line at the start horn. The boats were closely grouped as they made their way out of the harbor but as soon as they were headed for the Lighthouse buoy they spread out as they sprinted for the far buoy.

Fast Company made the rounding mark first with Bonjolea II following in her wake. Kato rounded next with OZone at her heels. Colorful spinnakers could be seen out on the ocean as the boats raced back into the harbor to the leeward mark. Spectators on the Kalapaki Breakwater got a front row view as the boats jibed to readjust their course to clear the breakwater. Bonjolea II, Fast Company and Ozone converged on the leeward mark. It was Bonjolea II rounding first, with a pack of Olson 30’s close behind: Fast Company, OZone and Kato.

IMG_2583 (2) (768x1024)The next rounding mark, Red 2, sits inside the bay in the lee of the Marriott and is known to have fluky wind conditions where if you’re lucky the wind will give you a lift and a puff. If you’re not lucky the wind veers ahead of you or worse dies in a lull. Bonjolea II and Fast Company made it around unscathed, but OZone lost her place as Kato tacked around the mark.

IMG_2525 (1) (768x1024)The nine boats once again made their way out to the Lighthouse buoy on the 4.92 mile course followed by a spinnaker run on their last downwind leg into the harbor. Bonjolea II had over a minute lead on Fast Company at the finish line but wasn’t enough of a lead after the handicap correction was applied. The three Olson 30’s placed as the leaders with Fast Company first with 1:00:07 corrected, OZone second at 1:02:15, and Kato at third with a time of 1:02:30.

Club Class finishers had Weatherly in first with a 59:53 corrected, Bonjolea II at second with a 1:00:24 corrected, followed by Coyote at 1:01:07 corrected for Club Class.

The public is invited to view race #2 of the NYC’s Glen Hontz Memorial Series on Feb. 23rd at 5 p.m. at the parking area at the end of the Kalapaki Breakwater.

Kevin Arndt

Click here for more photos by Pam Zirker

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